Glimpse of 2022...

1/28/20232 min read

Hello. Well, this is our 1st official blog, and the plan is to just give a quick rewind of 2022. I have to say it was all over the place and it definitely had its bad with its good. Some real-life stuff, No Nonsense Here. Will I give all the details at once? No, of course not. Tough for us to build an audience if we just wrote our life story/stories now. We are here for multiple reasons that really all lead to one goal for us.


2022 brought us 2 wonderful blessings, of many. Those two blessings are our 1-year-old daughter. She was born in January 2022. Healthy and an absolute doll. The next beautiful blessing was our grandson. Here came the awesome little guy only a few months after his tia, or his aunt. Yes, I definitely said, his tia. God truly blessed us with 2 new amazing additions to the family and what wonderful blessings to the family they are. In Jesus' name, Amen! With other amazing times came some very perilous and difficult times. Some of which the results we are still dealing with and will be for a short while longer. God willing though, not much longer! We made some mistakes along the way in 2022. Both my wife and I had Co-vid at the beginning of '22. We saw jail time, me(Albert) mostly, court visits, and had DCS take custody of our kids. Technically, my younger son, as I call him, is my stepson. Unfortunately, he and his baby sister are not with us. For now, that is... I'll be sharing more about that situation along the way as we create more blog posts. There is a lot to share. Where we've been physically, emotionally and where we are, and where our future is.

We're new to this whole blogging thing, so don't judge the blogging style too much. Basically, it's more of us sharing our personal journey and maybe we can help open eyes in some folk's recovery, and maybe some will realize how truly blessed they are if they see themselves making some mistakes they read about that we have made. And hopefully, they won't follow suit and go thru what we have had to endure. We have links set up to our Social Media also and to our Shopify store along with random other links to help us earn income for matters that require money for us to move forward in getting our children back and to continue in our recovery.

Today I am 119 days sober! In Jesus' name, Amen! We'll be sharing and discussing all kinds of random stuff here, I imagine, as we continue on our journey.

Until the next blog...